Visit A Unique Museum Near Marquette At Preston Park

Want to expand your cultural outlook? Or spend a day exploring these quirky and unique museums? Look no further, listed below are several museums around Plano near the Marquette at Preston Park. The Interurban Railway Museum found in Historic Downtown Plano features the history of the Texas Electric Railway. This interactive museum features the science behind the […]

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Explore Nearby Downtown McKinney

Less than fifteen miles from Marquette at Preston Park Apartments is a popular commercial district known as downtown McKinney. Established in 1848, it’s one of the oldest thriving downtowns in Texas. The area features more than 120 shops and restaurants including: Happiness Is…Quilting Founded in 2006, this quaint shop is staffed with experienced quilters who can […]

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Learn How To Cook With A TV Star

Couple in a cooking class

Here at Marquette at Preston Park, we live in a city abounding with delectable eateries, unique shops, and talented chefs. If you’re looking to try out a new culinary experience, you should check out Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts. Right here in Plano, Texas, Chef Tre Wilcox has set up shop and offers his extensive knowledge and […]

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