Experience the Intersection of Art and History in Plano, Texas

intersection of art and history in Plano

Rediscover the familiar in new, exciting ways in Plano, where a host of activities and events will highlight classic creations for 21st-century tastes. This spring, we invite you to enjoy the intersection of art and history in Plano, Texas, by visiting these amazing venues:

The Crayola Experience

Did you know there’s a location in Plano devoted entirely to Crayola Crayons? That’s right: The Crayola Experience beckons guests to explore its offerings in big, bold, brilliant colors.

With a rainbow of fun-filled events to choose from, you and your fellow visitors can immerse yourselves in the Crayola Experience right from the start. Hands-on events include immersive adventure labs, live shows about the science of color, and digital coloring adventures.

You can also learn the secrets of how crayons are made during live manufacturing shows. In all, The Crayola Experience offers 22 interactive events to help you explore all things Crayola.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (May 3, 4, & 5)

You won’t have to go far to see a classic book come alive on stage. The Willow Bend Center of the Arts plans to feature “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” on the above dates.

This adaptation of Mark Twain’s take on life along the Mississippi River in the mid-19th century has all of the familiar characters. In addition to Tom, you’ll meet Huck Finn, Becky Thatcher, and Aunt Polly in all their glory.

Presented by the North Texas Performing Arts, the enactment will utilize the magic of theater to spark the imaginations of the audience. For almost three decades, the North Texas Performing Arts has devoted itself to developing the talents of young performers. It has done this not only with stage productions but also through workshops run by experienced theater professionals.

The Interurban Railway Museum

While a hand-crafted raft might have been Tom’s major mode of transportation, railroad trains represent one of America’s most iconic vehicles.

Did you know that Plano has a museum devoted to trains? What’s more, the Interurban Railway Museum is located just a short distance from Marquette at Preston Park. Once you get there, you’ll be transported to a time when these metal behemoths ruled the transportation circuit. You’ll even be able to enter one of those historic cars, now retired and preserved for posterity.

That would beĀ Car #360, used as a traveling Post Office in the early 1900s. With its bright red exterior and stately, wood-framed interior, it tells a story of many faithful journeys to outback areas. Its path remains fixed now, however, as it grandly welcomes visitors to the Interurban Railway Museum.

Inside the museum, a model train maneuvers around a miniature depiction of Plano as it appeared a century ago. Meanwhile, historic photographs shed further light on the city during the glory days of rail transportation.

As you can see, the intersection of art and history in Plano, Texas, is unique in its social significance.

Make Marquette at Preston Park Your New Home

Perhaps, the best part is this: After your journey back in time, you can cross right back into the modern era by visiting nearby restaurants and boutiques.

Interested in living near all the action? If so, contact us today to arrange a personalized tour!

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