New Year, New Look! 3 Local Hair Salons in Plano

Satisfied customer at hairdresser smiling

Did you know that everyone has between 100,000 and 150,000 strands of hair on their head? Our hair is constantly growing and has a lifespan of around five years. The next time you’re ready to get your hair cut or highlighted, head to one of these excellent, local hair salons in Plano near Marquette at […]

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3 Local Jewelers in Plano to Find the Perfect Piece

Two women choosing jewelry at shop

Whether you want to brighten up your wardrobe or find a unique gift, head to one of these local jewelers in Plano. You’ll find everything from pearl brooches to men’s rings at these excellent stores near Marquette at Preston Park Apartments. Lapidary Arts Certified gemologist Rick Otte has been in the jewelry business nearly all […]

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Teach, Create & Get Inspired at the Dallas Makerspace

Learn welding, woodcraft, and more at the Dallas Makerspace.

There’s always something unique to do in the Plano area. Whether you swing by the libraries to catch an event or the local university to watch a play, there’s no shortage of entertainment. When you want to create things instead of watching them, head over to the Dallas Makerspace. It’s just a short drive from […]

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