Live It Up at the Best Sushi Restaurants in Plano

A young man eating sushi at a restaurant

If you’re looking for a special night out with friends or a date, sushi is always a great choice. What’s more, you’ll love what Plano offers in this regard. All things considered, Densetsu and Uni Sushi are known for hitting all the right savory notes. So, whether you’re craving tempura rolls or the quintessential sashimi, […]

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Feast On Fine Food At The Capital Grille

Barbecued bone-in ribeye steak on rustic cutting board at the Capital Grille.

Would you like to live in a quiet park-like setting? How about one that’s located amidst a vibrant community and in close proximity to fine dining establishments? If so, you’ll love Marquette at Preston Park in Plano, Texas. This is because Plano is home to The Capital Grille, an upscale restaurant named one of the “10 Best […]

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Shop for Unique Ingredients at These Local Stores in Plano

customer choosing spices in retail spice store

What do you need to make dinner tonight? These local stores in Plano, including one of the best local butchers, have you covered for specialty cuts, unique herbs, fresh salsa, and much more. All these stores are an easy drive from Marquette at Preston Park Apartments. Oasis International Market The Oasis International Market strives to provide […]

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