Enjoy A Drink At XO Coffee Company

Once you’ve had truly good coffee, it’s hard to go back. XO Coffee Company opened a few weeks ago in Plano, and they’re brewing some truly impressive mugs of everyone’s favorite morning beverage. XO Coffee Company is not your generic coffee-and-donut shop. They offer high-end coffees, brewed very carefully in order to extract the full […]

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Learn How To Cook With A TV Star

Couple in a cooking class

Here at Marquette at Preston Park, we live in a city abounding with delectable eateries, unique shops, and talented chefs. If you’re looking to try out a new culinary experience, you should check out Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts. Right here in Plano, Texas, Chef Tre Wilcox has set up shop and offers his extensive knowledge and […]

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Visit Sugar and Spice Bakery

slice of pie and muffin

One of the outstanding benefits of having a home at Marquette at Preston Parks is the close proximity to wonderful sweet spots. One of our favorites is  Sugar and Spice Bakery here in Plano! It’s not just the sugary baked goods that makes this place sweet; it’s the quaint decor, the smiling employees, and the feeling […]

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