Dance Your Way to Fitness at a Local Dance Studio in Plano

A multi-ethnic group of women having fun taking an dance class. The instructor is out of focus in the background, wearing a microphone. The main focus is on the African American woman in pink and the Caucasian woman in royal blue, arms raised, laughing in the foreground.

Does your workout routine need a new rhythm? Jazz up your workout and get swept up in the movement at a local dance studio in Plano. These workouts help with flexibility, confidence, and will definitely get your blood pumping! Both of these creative studios are an easy drive from Marquette at Preston Park Apartments making […]

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Cheer on the Dallas Cowboys at these Sports Bars in Plano

A multi-ethnic group of five friends drinking beer in a restaurant sports bar, celebrating with a toast. at one of the Sports Bars in Plano

There’s nothing as much fun as catching the Cowboys game with your friends on a crisp Sunday afternoon. Now that football season has arrived, cheer on the Cowboys at these fun and friendly sports bars in Plano. All these bars are an easy drive or Uber ride from Marquette at Preston Park Apartments. End Zone […]

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Smile and Say Cheese! Find Local Photographers in Plano

People photographer during family photo shoot

Photographs are memorials to our life events and chronicles of our history. When a moment is special enough that your cell phone just won’t do, it’s time to hire a professional photographer. These local photographers in Plano near Marquette at Preston Park Apartments are ready to capture your special moments. Photography by Misty Photography by […]

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