3 Unique Twists on Classic Comfort Meals

If you recently made a trip to the store, you likely have a treasure trove of ingredients that would make a great meal. When you’re ready to sample new flavors, try these unique twists on comfort meals in your kitchen at Marquette at Preston Park.

Tomatoes and Noodles

If you have a can of tomato soup and some noodles, you can create a fantastic meal. A great dish, inspired by this tomato spinach tortellini soup recipe, can start with either tomato soup or tomato sauce. Add some fire-roasted tomatoes or diced tomatoes, along with rich chicken broth and half-n-half. The broth will taste creamy and delicious.

You can also add either minced garlic or a bit of garlic powder for more flavor. Next, add cheese tortellini or another type of noodle plus fresh spinach, mushrooms, and diced chicken. Serve with bread or rolls for a filling and scrumptious meal.

Macaroni and Cheese

A box of macaroni and cheese is delicious on its own. However, it tastes even better when added to other ingredients. Check out this recipe for taco mac-n-cheese.  Add any ingredients that you have on hand, including jalapenos, avocados, or lettuce.

You can alternatively brown a pound of ground beef and add to a pot of macaroni and cheese for an easy and delicious cheesy mac dinner. Switch up that traditional grilled cheese sandwich by making grilled mac-n-cheese. Pair with a cup of soup or a salad for a satisfying meal. 

Beans Extravaganza

You can make a great meal out of a can of beans! Taking inspiration from this recipe for black bean and corn quesadillas, combine a drained can of beans and a can of corn. Next, fill tortillas with them and put everything into a baking dish. Add cheese, avocados, diced chicken, chopped eggs, or jalapenos for more flavor.

For beans, use whatever you have in your pantry. Black or pinto beans will do well in this recipe. Beans are also an excellent topping for rice; add to steamed rice and top with fresh cilantro, salsa, and cheese for a filling and delicious dinner.  

And if you’re a little low on ingredients, check out these suggestions for delicious meals you can enjoy with just a few pantry staples. If you’d like to cook in a kitchen with modern features, consider making Marquette at Preston Park your next home. For more information about our luxurious living spaces, contact us to schedule a virtual tour today.

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