Explore Dallas’ Nasher Sculpture Center from Home

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Nestled in Dallas is a unique destination featuring the world’s finest collection of contemporary and modern sculptures. We’re talking about the Nasher Sculpture Center. It features the works of Picasso, Calder, Rodin, and other renowned artists. The center’s Nasher from Home series offers artists talks, exciting activities, and an up-close look at the incredible art. Here are some of the ways you can enjoy the art from our apartments in Plano.

Build Your Own Tour 

Through the center’s YouTube Channel, you can build your own tour. The videos in the series share fascinating stories behind the work and also connect the art to your life experiences. Watch through the entire playlist or select the videos of your favorite sculptures to create a customized experience. 

The Spider 

Known for his mobiles, Alexander Calder created The Spider in 1940. Featuring lyrical movement, the black-and-white sculpture combines leaf-like appendages with long legs for a spidery look. Alexander created hundreds of mobiles throughout his storied career, and many, like The Spider, featured a whimsical quality. 

Seated Woman

In 1969, William de Kooning created hundreds of hand-sized sculptures while vacationing in Rome. First modeled in clay, these bronze sculptures had the “immediacy and playfulness  of quick sketches.” William later enlarged three of his creations, including Seated Woman. Found in the center’s garden, this life-size piece features physical impressions of William’s fingers “magnified into enormous masses and swaths of material.”

Nasher Education Times 

To learn more about the artists, exhibits, and happenings behind-the-scenes, check out the Nasher Education Times. You’ll meet an artist who creates “ghosts” of lost works, discover the art of Jean Arp, and much more. New editions are released seasonally. 

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