How to Create Great Meals With Pantry Staples

A couple making a delicious meals with pantry staples.

When you find yourself at home, with just what’s in your pantry, the thought of what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be daunting. No need to be afraid, however. These creative solutions will save the day! Here are some great ideas for making great meals with pantry staples. Two-Ingredient Meals In particular, […]

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Catch A Performance By The Texas Tenors

Do you and your friends read Billboard magazine inside your apartment in Plano, Texas? Most who do may recognize The Texas Tenors name. Over the years, they’ve earned spots on the iconic magazine’s pages as well as its website. In addition, the group hails from a place just four hours south of Marquette at Preston Park. […]

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Make Your Apartment Cozy For Your Cat

Cats can be finicky creatures, but the right environment makes for a happy, healthy cat! Here are three ways to make your home at Marquette At Preston Park Apartments more appealing to your feline companion. 1. Offer access to high-up places. You’ve probably seen your cat seeking out tall shelves and dressers to lounge on. […]

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