How to Create Great Meals With Pantry Staples

A couple making a delicious meals with pantry staples.

When you find yourself at home, with just what’s in your pantry, the thought of what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be daunting. No need to be afraid, however. These creative solutions will save the day! Here are some great ideas for making great meals with pantry staples. Two-Ingredient Meals In particular, […]

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Two Microwave Chocolate Treats to Enjoy at Home

A woman making microwave chocolate treats.

Homemade candies are a fun, sweet indulgence that you can make in no time at all, using very simple ingredients. You won’t even need to use your oven for these two delicious microwave chocolate treats. Ready to be impressed? Try making these easy chocolate candies in your Marquette at Preston Park kitchen.  3-Ingredient Fudge While there are […]

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Savor the Best Grilled Sandwiches Near Plano

A serving of the best grilled sandwiches near Plano.

Did you know that the modern grilled cheese sandwich originated in the 1920s? That’s when bread and American cheese became readily available for affordable prices. If you would like to enjoy the best grilled sandwiches near Plano,  head to one of these restaurants near Marquette at Preston Park where you’ll find everything from classic choices to one-of-a-kind creations. *We understand […]

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