Enjoy Mouthwatering Pancakes at These Plano Restaurants

Buttermilk pancakes at one of the best Plano restaurants.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty buckwheat flapjack or an indulgent chocolate chip hot cake, these Plano restaurants have you covered.

For a memorable breakfast or brunch, head on over to any of these hopping breakfast spots.

Benedict’s Restaurant

Though the location in Plano hasn’t been open for long, Benedict’s is already proving to be a favorite with locals. The restaurant’s upscale—yet relaxed—atmosphere is perfect for a morning pancake meal or brunch with a friend. 

Benedict’s offers six varieties of pancakes, and each one is a winner! The Blueberry Hill pancakes are simply delectable, served with fresh blueberries, pure whipped butter, and warm blueberry compote. If you prefer the classic experience, order two buttermilk pancakes, served with whipped butter and perhaps, two eggs on the side. 

Benedict’s also offers gluten-free pancakes, served with whipped butter and warm maple syrup. Best of all, you can get your pancakes seven days a week at breakfast, lunch, or brunch!

The Original Pancake House

This restaurant offers the most original pancake creations this side of Texas. Stop by any of the two Plano locations and make your choice from a long list of pancake creations. You’ll discover unique pancake delights that you never knew existed, such as the Hawaiian pancakes, filled with crushed pineapple and topped with a delicious tropical syrup. Another delightful choice is the Georgia pecan pancakes topped with hot toasted pecans or the Swedish pancakes topped with lingonberries.

If you’re in the mood for a thinner variety of pancake, try one of the delicate crepes. The crepes are topped with fresh strawberries and tropical syrup.

Poor Richard’s Cafe

This popular diner offers Texas home-style cooking at its best. Its delicious pancakes will please the most discerning pancake connoisseurs. There are three varieties of gingerbread pancakes: classic, pecan, and apple. All pancake orders come with bacon, sausage, or ham. You can also add two eggs for a minimal cost of $1.75.

Poor Richard’s Cafe is actually the oldest restaurant in Plano, so you know it must be doing something right. Sonja Ryder rose through the ranks to become the owner of Poor Richard’s; she has worked at the restaurant for almost 30 years. Her hard work and determination can be seen in the high standards she maintains at the restaurant.

Find More Plano Restaurants

All in all, these Plano restaurants offer the best pancakes money can buy this side of Texas. Best of all, they aren’t located far from Marquette at Preston Park.

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