Make Your Apartment Cozy For Your Cat

Cats can be finicky creatures, but the right environment makes for a happy, healthy cat! Here are three ways to make your home at Marquette At Preston Park Apartments more appealing to your feline companion.

1. Offer access to high-up places.

You’ve probably seen your cat seeking out tall shelves and dressers to lounge on. Being up high makes cats feel safe and comfortable. Place a stool or a shorter chest of drawers next to a taller shelf so your cat can easily get up there to perch.

2. Make sure your cat can see out the window.

Watching the world go by will keep your cat’s stress levels low. If you don’t want your cat climbing the curtains to see out the window, place a chair or shelf right near one window so your cat can easily climb up into the sill and look out. Your neighbors will love seeing your kitty in the window, too!

3. Put the litter box and food far apart.

There’s a tendency for pet owners to try to put all of their cats’ items in one place. But you wouldn’t want to dine in your bathroom — and your cat won’t enjoy eating right next to his litter box. Put these items in separate rooms or at least on opposite sides of the room. Most cats prefer their litter box to be tucked away somewhere rather than out in the open so they feel less vulnerable when using it.

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