3 Ways to Pamper Your Pups in Plano, Texas

A great way to pamper your pups in Plano, Texas.

Dogs have been man’s best friends for as long as the human race has existed. They are affectionate, loyal, and brave. Our canine friends also shower us with unconditional love, so they deserve the best that we can provide. In that light, Plano doesn’t disappoint! Apart from its beautiful dog parks, the surrounding areas provide everything you need to keep Fido happy. So, pamper your pups in Plano, Texas, and have the time of your life!

CityVet at Preston Park

As pet owners, our first priority is the health of our canine companions. This is where CityVet comes in. The experienced veterinarians are particularly helpful. Additionally, their love for animals is apparent by their thorough and caring approach to veterinary care. Best of all, you won’t get inundated with up-sells, and you won’t be pressured to pay for unnecessary procedures. An additional service CityVet offers is the boarding clinic for pets with medical conditions. CityVet professionals will take your pet for walks and administer needed medications when necessary. So, you can rest easy when you’re away.

Le Paws Grooming

After we take care of Fido’s health, it’s time to get him gorgeous on the outside with a trip to the doggy spa. Le Paws Grooming specializes in pet grooming and makes your pet’s comfort a top priority. Grooming sessions are by appointment only, but walk-ins are offered based on availability. Be aware that express appointments last from between 1-2 hours, and regular appointments from 2-3 hours. Add-on services include special shampooing, teeth brushing, and nail filing.


Part pet store and part dog wash parlor, WOOF should be your first stop when it’s time to stock up on pet supplies or give Fido a pampering soak. The boutique store includes reasonably priced items and passionate staff ready to answer all your pet-related questions. You can find health and wellness items, special treats, and even freeze-dried foods there. No wonder dog lovers return to WOOF over and over again.

Find More Places to Pamper Your Pups in Plano, Texas

As can be seen, there are many ways for you to pamper your pups in Plano, Texas. Meanwhile, you’ll be happy to know that Marquette at Preston Park is a pet-friendly community. To learn more about what we offer, contact us to arrange a tour.

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