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Having access to a great pet store is essential for keeping pets healthy and entertained. The best pet supply stores near Marquette at Preston Park offer nutritious food, engaging toys, and any accessories you can think of. Here are three great pet stores that offer delivery to our apartments in Plano, TX

Woof… Cool Stuff For Dogs

This locally-owned pet store is known for having an extensive variety of natural and holistic products. Yes, they have plenty of cool stuff for cats too! Shop for specialized pet products that can be harder to find, like raw foods, herbal supplements, and fermented turkey stock.  If you want to completely spoil your pup, pick up some freshly baked treats from the store’s dog bakery. You can shop from Woof…Cool Stuff For Dogs online for home delivery or schedule a curbside pickup. 

Odyssey Pets 

The philosophy at this family-owned groomer and pet store is to only sell products they would use with their own animals. Odyssey Pets is a great resource for high-quality pet products for cats, dogs, and fish. Shop online for raw food brands with wholesome ingredients, like Bixbi’s Rawbble line of freeze-dried kibble for dogs. You can also pick up accessories like clumping cat litter, toys, and a wide range of aquarium supplies. Odyssey Pets offers curbside pickups as well as super-fast local delivery. 

Hollywood Feed 

This regional chain of premium pet products sells the best USA-made food, treats, and accessories on the market. Hollywood Feed strives to make holistic pet products more accessible with a generous policy of price-matching their competitors. The Park Blvd store is less than five minutes away, which makes it so easy to shop online for curbside pickup. You can also take advantage of same-day delivery. 

In addition to these pet stores, you can also count on curbside service from top veterinarians near our apartments in Plano, TX. Learn much more about everything Marquette at Preston Park has to offer by contacting us

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