Shop For Healthy Ingredients In Plano

We all know the benefits of including healthy and whole ingredients in our cooking but sometimes getting those ingredients can be challenging. When you live at Marquette at Preston Park Apartments, that’s not a problem. Plano is home to several health food stores that offer a wide variety of healthy, all natural and organic ingredients.

Whole Foods Market is a well-known national chain featuring healthy and organic ingredients, and pre-made meals. The Plano store is a well stocked, user-friendly store with a staff ready and waiting to help you make your next kitchen experiment a success. The store features local, organic produce with a focus on farm to table. From there, the aisles are stocked with local, national, and international ingredients, as well as bath and body products, cosmetics, and supplements. The store also offers several weekly events, like local vendor fairs, kids events, cooking classes, and more.

The founders of Natural Grocers are passionate about providing healthy food options and ingredients, as well as educational opportunities to anyone interested in learning more about eating healthy. Their stores are stocked with local organic produce, all natural herbs and spices, green home care products and more.  The store has a nutrition education consultant on site to help you make healthy choices, suggest recipes, and offer menu planning and shopping lists. The store also offers special events, like tastings that allow you to try out new foods, workshops on eating for heart health, and common uses of apple cider vinegar.

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