Two Microwave Chocolate Treats to Enjoy at Home

A woman making microwave chocolate treats.

Homemade candies are a fun, sweet indulgence that you can make in no time at all, using very simple ingredients. You won’t even need to use your oven for these two delicious microwave chocolate treats. Ready to be impressed? Try making these easy chocolate candies in your Marquette at Preston Park kitchen. 

3-Ingredient Fudge

While there are tons of fudge recipes out there, we enjoy this one for its simplicity. These fudge squares are dense, rich, and truly delicious.

In a microwave-safe container,  combine a cup of sweetened condensed milk, a 12-ounce bag of semisweet chocolate chips, and a chopped up one-ounce square of semisweet baking chocolate. Melt your chocolate mix in the microwave on the lowest setting for around three minutes. While the chocolate is melting, grease up a baking pan with butter. This is where your fudge will be allowed to set.

But first, use an electric mixer on your melted chocolate mix for around a minute, until it’s nice and smooth. The final step is to pour your mix into the baking pan and allow it to get nice and solid. Cut into small squares and then enjoy your homemade fudge!

Fruit and Nut Treats

Making these sweet and crunchy bites couldn’t be any easier. You can use any dried fruit and any type of nuts you happen to have on hand.

Melt two cups of semisweet chocolate chips in the microwave for around a minute. Stir in a cup each of any chopped nuts and any dried fruit—cranberries, raisins, and dates are all delicious options. Drop teaspoonfuls of this yummy mixture onto a cookie sheet prepared with wax paper. Let your chocolate bites settle for an hour and then enjoy the fruity, nutty treats or store in the fridge for later. 

These microwave chocolate treats are sure to boost your mood. If you’d like to live in a setting that affords you peace and comfort, consider making Marquette at Preston Park your new home. To schedule a tour of our grounds, contact us today.

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